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Clarkson Chromatography Products, Inc - specializing in Hydroxyapatite.

Present and Future Applications and Uses of Specialty Calcium Phosphate Materials

  • adjuvant to dental implants
  • alveolar bridge augmentation
  • bioreactor (to grow cells)
  • cements (dental and orthopedic)
  • chewing gum
  • coating for implants (plasma-spraying; ion sputtering; laser deposition; electrodeposition)
  • dentrifices
  • drug delivery
  • ear implants
  • fillers for composites (polymeric or non-polymeric)
  • fillers for glass ionomer cements
  • maxillor-facial surgery
  • pulp-capping materials
  • repair of bony defects
  • repair of periodontal defects
  • repair of failing implants
  • research materials (standards or reagents)
  • spine fusion


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